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Digital multimeter

Fluke Digital Multimeters (DMM's) berada pada sabuk alat yang lebih banyak, menemukan lebih banyak masalah, daripada alat uji lainnya yang sebanding. Setiap desain diuji secara ekstrem: drop, shock, kelembaban, sebutkan saja. Setiap Fluke Digital Multimeter memberi Anda apa yang Anda butuhkan: pengukuran yang akurat; Konsisten, kinerja yang andal; Memperhatikan keamanan; dan garansi terkuat yang tersedia.

**Jika tidak menemukan produk yang anda cari, silahkan chat admin melalui whatsapp untuk cek ketersediaan barangnya
54 II B Data Logging Thermometer with Dual Input
54 II B Data Logging Thermometer with Dual Input
The Fluke 50 Series II contact thermometer offers fast response and laboratory accuracy (0.05% + 0.3°C) in a rugged hand test kit.
Fluke 52 II Dual Probe Digital Thermometer
Fluke 52 II Dual Probe Digital Thermometer
The Fluke 50 Series II contact thermometer offers fast response and laboratory accuracy (0.05% + 0.3°C) in a rugged hand test kit.
Fluke 789 ProcessMeter
Fluke 789 ProcessMeter™
Double your strength

The Fluke 787 was the first device to combine a DMM and a loop calibrator to give process technicians double the power in one tool. Now even better, range is extended in the Fluke 789 – the ultimate loop calibration multimeter. The Fluke 789 has a 24-Volt supply loop which eliminates the need to take a separate power supply when testing transmitters offline. And with selectable onboard 250-Ohm Hart® resistors, the need to carry separate resistors is eliminated. Now process engineers can do more while carrying far less.
Fluke 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter
Fluke 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter
Keep yourself safe. Find hidden problems faster. Put the paperwork down.

Fluke Connect + Fluke's 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter helps you identify tough problems, fix, and wirelessly communicate your work quickly and easily - all at a safe distance.

Add diagnostics with Fluke Connect
The Fluke 1587 FC is Fluke Connect-enabled so you can download the free Fluke Connect® Measurements app to your smartphone and gain additional functions, including:
- Safety first. Keep yourself out of harm’s way by monitoring your test measurements remotely.
- Prove your job is done right by quickly seeing and sharing measurement results wirelessly with your smartphone.
- Quickly find problems by saving and comparing measurements over time on a wireless device.
- PI/DAR timed ratio tests with TrendIt™ graphs to identify moisture and contaminated insulation problems faster
- Memory storage through Fluke Connect that saves measurements to your phone or the cloud and eliminates the need to write down results. Reduces errors and saves data for historical tracking over time
- Temperature compensation to establish accurate baselines and relevant historical comparisons
- Historical tracking and trending of assets to identify insulation degradation over time and allow real-time decisions to be made in the field with Fluke Connect® Assets (sold separately)
- Provides memory storage through Fluke Connect Measurements to eliminate the need to write down results
- Includes live circuit detection to prevent insulation test if voltage >30 V is detected
- Supports historical tracking and asset trending of assets to identify degradation over time with Fluke Connect® Assets (sold separately)
- Incorporates VFD low-pass filter for accurate variable frequency motor drive measurements
- Includes auto-discharge of capacitive voltage for added user protection
- Measures ac/dc voltage, dc millivolts, ac/dc milliamps, resistance, and continuity
- Includes capacitance, diode test, temperature, min/max, frequency measurements and insulation test smoothing reading
- Automatically powers off to save battery power
- Comes with remote probe, test leads, alligator clips, K-type thermocouple, hard case, and three-year warranty.
Fluke 87V MAX Truerms Digital Multimeter
Fluke 87V MAX True-rms Digital Multimeter
The 87V MAX contains all the trusted features of the most popular DMM in use today, the Fluke 87V, with many more extras.

Withstands drops of up to 4 meters (13 feet)
Fluke's most rugged digital multimeter. The 87V MAX features a rugged case for industrial use and a removable holster. This holster also doubles as a test probe holder for one-handed operation.

IP67 rated
Completely waterproof and dustproof, to work reliably anywhere you need to work.

Heat and cold resistant
This meter has a longer operating temperature range from -40 °C (for up to 20 minutes) to +55 °C.

Another product highlight
- True-rms ac current and voltage for accurate measurements on non-linear signals
- Measures up to 1000 V ac and dc
- Measures up to 10 A (20 A for 30 seconds)
- Frequency up to 200 kHz
- Built-in thermometer allows you to freely take temperature readings without having to carry a separate instrument
- Min/Max/Average recording, plus 250 µs Peak min-max to record variations automatically
- Unique function for accurate measurement of voltage and frequency in variable frequency motor drives and other electrically noisy equipment
- Large digit display, 2 brightness levels, white backlight, and backlit keypad keys for better visibility
- High resolution 19,999 digit mode display
- Long lasting battery life (800 hours)
Fluke 87V Industrial Multimeter
Fluke 87V Industrial Multimeter
From the control room to the factory floor, the Fluke 80 Series digital multimeter has earned a reputation as the digital multimeter that industrial technicians trust. When productivity suffers, the Fluke 80 Series provides the accuracy and advanced troubleshooting capabilities you need to solve problems fast.

Use the low pass filter function to accurately measure voltage and frequency on electrically noisy equipment such as variable speed motor drives. Use the peak capture function to detect occasional faults and switch as fast as 250 microseconds (µs).

And work with confidence. The Input Alert function provides an audio alert against misuse of the input plug. The Fluke 80 Series multimeters have been tested separately for use in CAT IV 600 V/CAT III 1000 V environments. The Series can withstand impulses in excess of 8000 V and reduce the risks associated with surges and surges.

At Fluke, our ideas come straight from the workplace. We work with users like you to build test kits that do the job you want them to do for as long as you need them—and give you full value. We design and manufacture the Fluke 80 Series multimeters in the U.S.A. The 80 Series is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. And we back it with a limited lifetime warranty so you can work smarter, faster, and safer.
Fluke 28 II Ex Intrinsically Safe Truerms Digital Multimeter
Fluke 28 II Ex Intrinsically Safe True-rms Digital Multimeter
Now there is one intrinsically safe digital multimeter (DMM) you can use in IIC (gas), in Zones 1 and 2, and IIIC (dust), Zones 21 and 22. Whether you work in an oil, chemical, or pharmaceutical environment , all the test and troubleshooting capabilities you need are in the most robust and intrinsically secure (IS) Fluke DMM ever made. The Fluke 28 II Ex is also water, dust and drop resistant. You will be equipped to solve all problems, inside and outside the danger zone, without compromising on compliance or measurement performance.
Fluke 28 II Rugged Digital Multimeter
Fluke 28 II Rugged Digital Multimeter
The NEW standard for rugged

The Fluke 27 II and 28 II digital multimeters set a new standard for operation in harsh conditions with the features and accuracy to solve most electrical problems. Both gauges are IP 67 rated (water and dust repellent), MSHA approved, extended operating temperature range of -15°C to +55°C (5°F to 131°F, -40°C for s /s 20 minutes) and 95 % humidity, and has been designed and tested to withstand a 3 m (10 ft) drop. The Fluke 20 Series Multimeter is designed to work in the toughest environments.
Fluke 289 TrueRMS Data Logging Multimeter
Fluke 289 True-RMS Data Logging Multimeter
Industrial gauges for the toughest applications.

New diagnostic functionality to maximize in-factory productivity. The new Fluke 289 is the next generation of high performance industrial recording multimeters designed to solve complex problems in electronics, factory automation, power distribution and electromechanical equipment. With the ability to log data and display it graphically on the screen, you can resolve issues faster and help minimize downtime. Let the new Fluke 289 be the overseer of the system or process while you troubleshoot other issues.

Also be sure to check out the Fluke 287 True-rms Electronics Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture designed for electronics professionals.

Maximize productivity with the Fluke 289 and FlukeView combo kit. With built-in data logger capabilities and TrendCapture, the Fluke 289 helps you track down the occasional hard-to-find problem, monitoring equipment with every function while you do other tasks. Layer acquired data from six meters or six time periods to find cause and effect relationships or for condition monitoring in the FVF software. Turn your data into graphs and tables for professional reports. The 289/FVF combo kit gives you a simple & affordable approach to predictive maintenance.
Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter
Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter
Now you can work in two places at once. With the Fluke 233 Wireless Remote Display Multimeter, you don't need anyone else to read the display. Standing on ladders, long and complicated test leads, or calling helpers while testing is a thing of the past. Measure safely even if the meter is placed in a hazardous area, in a clean room, or in a moving machine. The Fluke 233 is a tool that will make your job easier.
Fluke 110 Truerms Digital Multimeter
Fluke 110 True-rms Digital Multimeter
Compact true-rms meter for accurate electrical installation and troubleshooting

The Fluke 110 is a versatile multimeter for electrical measurements and troubleshooting. Trusted by residential and commercial electricians for troubleshooting and maintenance. The Fluke 110 is intended for professional use where true-rms accuracy is required.

Key product capabilities
- True-rms ac voltage for accurate measurements on non-linear signals
- Great white LED backlight for working in dark areas
- Resistance and continuity
- Min./Max./Average to record signal fluctuations
- CAT III 600 V safety rating
Fluke 117 Electricians Ideal Multimeter with NonContact Voltage
Fluke 117 Electrician's Ideal Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage
Portable true-rms meter for commercial applications. The Fluke 117 is the ideal gauge for demand settings such as trade center buildings, hospitals, schools. The Fluke 117 includes integrated non-contact voltage detection to help get jobs done faster.

See also the Fluke 114 Electrical Multimeter, Fluke 115 Multimeter, and Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter with Temperature and Microamp.
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