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Acoustic imaging

Percepat inspeksi dan buat keputusan pemeliharaan prediktif yang penting dengan kemajuan terbaru dari teknologi pencitraan. Kamera pencitraan akustik dan lingkup industri dari Fluke menawarkan alur kerja yang lebih mudah serta tingkat efisiensi dan akurasi yang lebih tinggi. Deteksi kebocoran sistem udara bertekanan dan vakum dan partial discharge elektrikal (PD) dengan cepat dan mudah.

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Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager
Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager
Finally, there is an easy way to detect, locate and analyze partial discharges in one tool

Tired of spending too much time detecting partial discharges? Introducing the i910 Precision Acoustic Imger which is designed to find partial discharges, corona discharges, and gas and vacuum leaks. The ii910 acoustic imaging camera's breakthrough technology is a cost-efficient, safe, effective, and easy tool for teams inspecting and maintaining power distribution and industrial high-voltage equipment.

The invisible threat….now you can see it

Partial discharge is a serious issue that the team monitors on a daily basis. When scanning insulators, transformers, medium-voltage panels (switchgear), or high-voltage power lines, you need to be sure that you find the problem early and quickly. Undetected partial discharges can cause power outages, fires, explosions, or death from electric arcing. In addition to these hazards threatening the environment and human life, electric arcing can also cause costly losses. Equipment failure can cost millions of dollars per hour and research shows that a data center outage can cost as much as $8,851 per minute. Ultimately, the Department of Energy estimates that these outages cost the US economy $150 billion annually.

Important area to scan Partial Discharge
- Insulator
- Transformer
- High voltage power cable
- Medium voltage panels
- Lightning rod
- Busbar
- High voltage coil
- circuit breaker
- capacitor

Do it quickly and safely

The ii910 is the All-in-One tool you've been looking for for all your Leakage and Discharge problems. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Perform quick area or neighborhood scans and get all the pictures/video you need using simple one-button shooting and the large 7” touchscreen LCD. No need for additional tools or equipment. Without the need for complicated cables or secondary devices, you have full mobility and greater flexibility to switch between leak/partial discharge detection and repair of partial leak/discharge.

Fluke safety you can count on with performance you value

The Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager is the perfect tool for high-voltage electricians, electrical test technicians, and grid maintenance teams who constantly inspect and maintain power distribution and industrial high-voltage equipment. The ii910 provides a safe and fast way to detect and locate partial discharges to maintain high-voltage equipment and prevent catastrophic events. With SoundSight™ technology, the ii910 translates the sounds it hears into a visual representation so you can quickly find problem areas. The higher frequency capability of the ii910 enables early detection to facilitate earlier maintenance planning, which is why the ii910 has a frequency range of 2-100 kHz.

Find and repair them before the arc of fire appears

Partial discharges can cause a number of serious and costly problems ranging from severe equipment damage to lethal arcing. The only way to stop this from happening is to properly inspect and maintain the equipment. The ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager is built to make partial discharges faster and easier to find. Gone are the days of wearing headphones and listening to very faint or faint sounds on the tiny screen to find problems. Everything you need to remotely troubleshoot is right there in the ii910, without dangling and tangling cables or other accessories. Just pick it up, turn it on, and start troubleshooting.

The security you expect from a tough product you trust

Safety is key when working on high voltage equipment and at Fluke, safety is important, everything else is just a bonus. Due to a combination of special microphone positions and advanced algorithms the ii910 Acoustic Acoustic Imager can detect Partial Discharges and Corona Discharges from a distance of 120 meters. This means you can be farther away than necessary and still be effective and efficient in finding all of the problem areas. With no external cables or corner adjustment accessories, the ii910 ensures you don't get stuck in your gear while you work. In addition to acoustic imaging technology capable of capturing reflected sound, you don't even need a direct line of sight to spot a problem. This means you can find partial discharges without ever opening the cabinet.

Quickly find it easily without training

The ii910 is truly designed so that anyone can use it with little or no training. There's no need for certification anymore as you don't need one to operate this tool. Simply power on the ii910 with a single button, select a frequency range or let the tool do the work for you, and begin scanning immediately for partial discharges or leaks. Once you find a sound image, you can take a video or photo for later use after you've added text annotations. If you want to know more about a specific leak or partial discharge, turn to PDQ or LeakQ.
Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager
Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager
Equipped with an array of microphones for a wider field of view, the Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager enables maintenance teams to quickly and accurately locate air, gas and vacuum leaks in compressed air systems; even in a noisy environment. Designed especially for noisy production lines, SoundSight™ Technology is easy to learn and apply. The 7” LCD touch screen displays SoundMap™ on a visual image for quick identification of leak locations. A clear and intuitive interface allows technicians to isolate sound frequencies from leaks to filter out loud background noise. In a few hours, the team can inspect the entire plant - even in busy operations. For the first time, You can quickly and easily identify the air leak repairs needed to ensure efficient operation and reduce utility bills. Images can be saved and exported for reporting purposes. Never again take air leaks for granted.
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